Counting Down to… Fun!

On the planet Derginuuz fun was a serious business. We’re talking industrial, national levels of attention paid to this most serious of endeavors. Gantt charts (or the Derginuuzian equivalent), spreadsheets, tracking systems, etc etc.

The intergalactically renowned somber, gloomy, and downright melancholic Derginuuzian took their fun seriously as only the morbidly depressed can. Also, there was no opting out. This fun was mandatory!

You. Had. To. Have. FUN!

On the Derginuuzian-equivalent of Thursday, on the 13th day of Luupido, the largest nation on the continent of Spazadyp was preparing their third FUN for the decade.

The countdown began.


Yupeet Gazx wept in anticipation for all the fun he would be having.


Pyreut Hiffn prepared to scream with delight. (She’d been training for months.)

8! 7! 6!

Countless children and adolescents were admonished not to take the imminent fun for granted. Few listened to their elders.

5! 4! 3! 2!

Countless hushes fell over countless crowds.



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