Genghis Khan and the Tiny Man from Mars

(Or maybe he was from Venus?)

Genghis Khan woke up with a terrible headache. Too much fermented yak’s milk the night before, he supposed. Also, maybe the head-butting competition hadn’t been the best idea. Still, he did have a new trophy and more respect, like he needed any more of that, from his fellow Mongols.

A klaxon rang out! Which was odd, because it was like the 13th century or something, and klaxons were pretty rare. Granted, it wasn’t a very loud klaxon, but a very tiny one. It appeared to be coming from underneath Genghis Khan’s furry yak hat. Genghis Khan couldn’t remember the name of his furry yak hat, because his head hurt just too darn much, but he was sure it had one! Still, that klaxon was curious, and being a curious fella, Genghis Khan lifted up the hat. There stood a very tiny man from Mars.

“Hello!” said the very tiny man from Mars, in Mongolese, of course. “I am a very tiny man from Mars!”

“Where is Mars?” Genghis Khan said.

The very tiny man from Mars pointed up through the top of the yurt. “Actually, maybe it’s over there,” and the very tiny man from Mars pointed south-south-westerly.

“What are you doing here?” Genghis Khan said. “Why were you underneath my hat?” Genghis Khan staggered to his feet.

“That’s a long story, how I got here, and why. I’m here to 1) fly on top of a kite, 2) ride on the back of a yak, and 3) give you a big kiss! I know I’m out of luck for #1, but I think 2 and 3 are quite achievable.” With that, the tiny man from Mars floated through the air via his anti-gravity belt, and swooped at Genghis Khan.

Genghis Khan, who was no slouch in the reflexes department, dove out of the way, and rolled right out of the yurt.

“Oh darn,” the tiny many from Mars said, swooshing out the flap after him.

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