On Departures

it’s so easy to “forget” to say goodbye,
that is to say, it’s easier to pretend that’s not happening
other times, thinking what if, what if, what if they’re gone?

(remembering that one, only two, after I left for the first time
watched my heart break, as he covered his eyes, because my arrival after absence was so shocking
he could not believe his eyes,
in the real sense,
covering his eyes with his hands
because my returned presence was too real for him

that’s what happens when you forget to say goodbye, I guess)

not in a tear-my-hair-out kind of way,
but to remember now what I have, instead of forgetting
it’s so easy to forget what’s there, in front of us, right this second
i mean, are there rampaging ducks? or maybe some small cavalcade of tormenters? say rather, some donuts rolling by, delectably delicious?
No, none of that. Just silence layered on top with sounds, sights, smells, etc. Or, say rather, distractions. Simply distractions.

the fact they’re gone, now, is only light and fluffy because i “know” they will return
where “knowing” is an assumption in a world with no nothing nowhere certain to endure for sure
bite that apple now, because it will be gone, eaten by worms and torn apart by whirlwinds of flies, time lapsed of course

laugh and gather your rose puppies right away, is what I’m saying

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