Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-09

  • Max and I went to the library. Four hours later I realized I'd lost track of time. Still not sure how that happened. #SMAtuS #
  • Alice got so so very mad at me because I chose to eat breakfast instead of reading to her. Later, I drew pictures of our family. #SMAtuS #
  • STORIES FOR NIGHTTIME AND SOME FOR THE DAY by Ben Loory: Read some at night, and some at day. Thanks @aarondietzwrite and @L_Hoff! #
  • When Sarah and Alice dropped Max off at school, Alice hugged him and said, "I love you, Max. Good day!" #SMAtuS #
  • @kellysue The Inn at Northrup Station in NW Portland. in reply to kellysue #
  • @shadalicious Me tooooo. Only I never got an iPhone 4. Been living in digital molasses for, oh, decades now. in reply to shadalicious #
  • @kellysue You're welcome. You get free streetcar tickets with your stay. And the continental breakfast is very kid friendly. in reply to kellysue #
  • @asymco What about original iPhone 3G buyers? Wait for iPhone 6? in reply to asymco #
  • Max: Alice, did you paint today? Alice: Yes, I did, Max. #SMAtuS #
  • Max's remembery: I remember being born. One of my ears was all squishy. And in your body I reached out and touched blood mobiles. #SMAtuS #
  • Max: I remember being in your body. It was cool in there. I was little we rode the bus & you carried me all around in a black thing. #SMAtuS #
  • Max: (picking up a Lego seal) Alice took this from playgroup. [in December 2009!] #SMAtuS #
  • Max: Mom, I love you as much as 89 years on the moon! #SMAtuS #
  • @zahgurim You'll do fine. Remember: when you travel with a small child, you get to cut to the front of the security line! in reply to zahgurim #
  • @L_Hoff @aarondietzwrite There's nothing different about MINE. in reply to L_Hoff #
  • @L_Hoff @aarondietzwrite If I had COATS on my chair, they'd probably be covering up something different, though… in reply to L_Hoff #
  • Wow. I had no idea there was an Occupy Seattle going on. #
  • It's a shame. I loved DRIVE. And I loved the soundtrack. Just not in the movie. Go see it if you can, anyway. The soundtrack's polarizing. #
  • Max, drinking smoothie: I wonder if Linsel is having a snack. Alice: I want to sleep in Linsel's bed. I read a book in Linsel's bed. #SMAtuS #
  • I may poke fun at the slowness of my old iPhone sometimes, but it's one of the most delightful things I've ever owned. RIP Steve Jobs. #
  • Took Alice with me to get some coffee beans this morning. She, in socks and with pirate puppet. What a nice way to start the day. #SMAtuS #
  • I just finished writing my eighth online course for Giant Campus. This calls for a drink! ….Sometime. #SMAtuS #
  • Instead of watching cartoons this morning, Max decided to hang out with me while I took a shower. Have I got the best kids or what! #SMAtuS #
  • I've got this personal writing project. In it, a girl character. Yet unnamed. You can help me by sending me your favorite girl names! #
  • @ryukochan @librainiac @lauramac95 Oh, brilliant! I'm always game to meet some new librarians! in reply to ryukochan #
  • @ryukochan Ha! It's already on my Possibles list. :) in reply to ryukochan #
  • @shadalicious What happens next Friday? in reply to shadalicious #
  • @shadalicious Ah, nevermind! I remembered! (Or was reminded…) :D in reply to shadalicious #
  • Max: Mom, Alice is the best friend to me. She is the tops. Alice: Yes!!!! #SMAtuS #
  • @ryukochan @librainiac @lauramac95 Library Lad makes it sound like I'm 12. And a superhero's sidekick. But I'll take it! in reply to ryukochan #

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