Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-18

  • Max and I made yucky soup for the zombies in rockets. Alice ran pell-mell. Just another weekend. #SMAtuS #
  • Max, on entering the dance studio: "Yes! This is the place for me!" Alice, on leaving: "Alice and Momma go do Stuff!" #SMAtuS #
  • This is almost the best thing ever: #
  • Alice got out some pens and paper for herself. She: "I draw dots." And she was. #SMAtuS #
  • A kid kicked Alice in the nose as she came up a play structure. She said "Hey! No do that! Going to get you" and he ran off. #SMAtuS #
  • Alice's new yes is "I think so!" Example: "Alice, would you like an egg?" "I think so!" "Alice, is your shirt purple?" "I think so!" #SMAtuS #
  • Max is reading to Alice! (My work here is done. Right?) #SMAtuS #
  • Last night, Alice had her first swim class with me. We had a great time. A memory I will treasure always. All that Kick'Em paid off! #SMAtuS #

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