Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-28

  • I'm pretty sure Max had the Best Day Ever. Also, I rode the Seattle Duck for the second (last?) time in my life. #SMAtuS #
  • ….and Sarah wrote up a nice little summary of our day here: #SMAtuS #
  • @HillaryJacques A friend of Max's introduced him to the zombie concept. His parents didn't know where he got it from either… in reply to HillaryJacques #
  • @HillaryJacques Made the mistake last night of making a joke about vampires. Realized too late I really didn't want to go there… in reply to HillaryJacques #
  • @HillaryJacques PARANORMAL PITFALLS FOR PARENTS: Chapter 6 — "How Not to Feed Your Vampyrickal Two-Year Old" in reply to HillaryJacques #
  • Both kids asleep by 7 on the button. Chin chin for the early dinner! #SMAtuS #
  • Alice: "I big girl! I no baby." About her "think tank" crib: "Want climb in bed myself!" #SMAtuS #
  • Alice to Sarah: "You go buy goldfish [crackers]!" Two minutes later: "You go buy goldfish?" #SMAtuS #
  • The kids love the new bunk bed. Sarah was right. There's no way Alice is going back to the crib. Another milestone achieved! Hotcha! #SMAtuS #
  • @mitdasein I'd say yes. in reply to mitdasein #
  • @mitdasein If you've any customer service exp, you can even stretch email or IM into "tech support software". It's how you talk about it. in reply to mitdasein #
  • @mitdasein I see. I have more of a library background, but I think you could stretch that to fit. It all depends on the job, though, right? in reply to mitdasein #
  • @mitdasein Like, do they want you to have managed the MUD? Or just used it? in reply to mitdasein #
  • @mitdasein Oh yeah. No sweat. I'd talk about the tech support system as a multi-user database then. Gotta love the magic lingo. in reply to mitdasein #
  • @mitdasein How about Facebook? Geeze…. in reply to mitdasein #
  • @HillaryJacques So glad you didn't actually name your kid "Kiddo". Like some people I have heard about… in reply to HillaryJacques #
  • @HillaryJacques Friends of a friend. Horrifying. in reply to HillaryJacques #
  • Alice loves her new bed so much she stays in after she wakes up. This morning, she to herself: "Lacklee Girl and Alice in Big Bed!" #SMAtuS #
  • Last night, Max had a dance-off with Alicia. He even staged his own entrances. That kid is a born performer! #SMAtuS #
  • Okay, this is FUNNY. Some ubernerds rage about non-existent comics: Kid Centipede, Nantucketeer, Zapper Hotpants, etc. #
  • Following up Bullington's ENTERPRISE OF DEATH with Edgwood's THIRTY YEARS WAR: I can't get enough of the 17th century! #fridayreads #
  • @leverus Kid bedtime foils another literary event attendance! Would be there, otherwise. TMK was delightful! I hope you get a packed house. in reply to leverus #
  • The lifeguard at the wading pool asks what grade Max is in
    . Shocked that he has another year until kindergarten, says he: "He big!" #SMAtuS #

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