Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-13

  • Once, putting pants on Max, Alice tickled my feet. I laughed; she laughed; he laughed. Made pants-putting-on tough. No one minded. #SMAtuS #
  • I guess Alice really likes popcorn. She grabbed a 1 pound* bag of popcorn, ran off with it, and then pigged out. *popcorn is light! #SMAtuS #
  • According to Max, a "monger moon" is when the moon is full of worms. He talked about other moons, but sadly I don't remember them. #SMAtuS #
  • Max: "Mom, I love myself… Well, um, is it okay to love myself?" Sarah: "Yes." Max: "Okay." #SMAtuS #
  • @nfarina Oh, you know we all want you to. :) in reply to nfarina #
  • Marvel at the Solar System's motion (FLASHy): #
  • Max just called me from a rocket. He had to go; he was landing on a planet. #SMAtuS #TheFutureIsNOW #
  • @3liza If you prick me, do I not bleed? in reply to 3liza #
  • "Do robots not be born?" –Max #SMAtuS #
  • @MarsGirl75 Oh man, there are so many good books that he doesn't know anything about it all! What delights he has in store! in reply to MarsGirl75 #
  • Alice picked out her own outfit this morning: airplane PJ shirt, halloween candy corn pants, polka dot smart wool socks. #SMAtuS Love it! #
  • It's official: Max is reading. #SMAtuS #
  • THE LOST GOSPEL OF JUDAS ISCARIOT by Bart Ehrman: Fascinating. Once a Bible geek, always a Bible geek, I suppose. #fridayreads #
  • Not content with simply blowing our minds, Max likes spelling words forward and backward. For fun, I guess. (EG, KOOB/BOOK) #SMAtuS #
  • Done your taxes yet? I hired an accountant and it changed my life! #
  • @anankaf Oh yeah. I used to do that, too. I've been using an accountant for the last 2-3 years. It's a huge difference. in reply to anankaf #
  • Max and I went out for hot cocoa. We compared mustaches. He got excited about Art, knocked his cocoa on the floor. I love this kid! #SMAtuS #
  • RT: @tordotcom: In Memory of REDWALL author Brian Jacques: He will be missed. // I loved his books as a kid. #
  • @dloitz Your link doesn't appear to work. Otherwise, I'm so there! :) in reply to dloitz #
  • Max: How about you give me some grownup clothes and a beard so I can pretend to be a grownup? Please please please? #SMAtuS #
  • I've effectively been without my idea pipe (iPhone) for ~3 weeks now and I don't really miss it. Not as important to me as I thought? #
  • @shadalicious I've done that too. :) The difference is that this time it was a deliberate choice on my part. Funny how that works. in reply to shadalicious #
  • @nfarina Really? Perhaps that's what's been causing the heinous slowdowns on my 3G… Or maybe it's just that it's a 3G… in reply to nfarina #
  • Max: "4 and 4 and 5 are 13." #SMAtuS All I can say is WOW. I mean, I have trouble adding three numbers together… #
  • Max (to woman at a bus stop): "I'm Max. It's spelled M-A-X and I'm almost four years old." #SMAtuS #

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