Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-05

  • Max took an epic nap from 3pm to 6am (17 hours!). Weeeird. I think Alice was confused by his absence. #SMAtuS #
  • I meant 15 hours, because I cannot do basic math functions in my brain. #
  • GUNNERKRIGG COURT v1 by Thomas Siddell: Someone wanted some robots with their Harry Potter! All over the place, but in a fun way. #
  • For lunch today, Max wants "an egg with the yolk sticking out, not cooked bread and butter, and a grapefruit!" #SMAtuS #
  • @antelopelovefan Not to him. He means not toasted. For him, somehow, toast is the default bread option. in reply to antelopelovefan #
  • Max kills me. "I so love dad being at the pool for me! I'm going to run inside and find him." #SMAtuS #
  • ZERO HISTORY by William Gibson: What can I say? I loved it. Esp. the micro-blimps. (Mini-zepps?) #
  • What an excellent website for my movie watching (and obsessing) friends: #
  • Max: "Y'know, Mom, some dinosaurs are meat…for other dinosaurs. Is this egg meat or vegetables, because I don't like vegetables." #SMAtuS #
  • Max got to knead and punch pizza dough. As you might expect, this made him VERY happy. #SMAtuS #
  • @Strabd I wasn't writing about the ekranoplan, which I also think is pretty sweet. Also, I still prefer to think of them as mini-zeppelins. in reply to Strabd #
  • @mikecane You'll be lucky to get a human being. Google doesn't do customer support… in reply to mikecane #
  • Alice can now take apart and put together Lego Duplo bricks. #majormilestone #SMAtuS #
  • Today, Max showed Alice how to dip a "butter dia" (a whole wheat tortilla with butter, rolled up) into yogurt. They both liked it. #SMAtuS #
  • Max: "I very want to eat a big lunch with daddy at a restaurant. Like a big man. Does daddy restaurant eat every day at lunch?" #SMAtuS #
  • Max: "This amial doesn't eat soup. I call this amial picky. Picky Bo Bicky. Soup. Blech!" #SMAtuS Max is sometimes also a Picky Bo Bicky. #
  • Holy cow!!? The flying penguins, they are real! #zerohistory #Imlivinginthefuture #
  • @sherrardewing I agree. It certainly feels more relevant. I miss my search-based RSS feeds though… in reply to sherrardewing #
  • RT: @lalitree: PT Anderson wants to film Pynchon's 'Inherent Vice'? [deleted] // Wonderful! #
  • Max somehow remembers the red star he picked out for our christmas tree last year. Uncanny! #SMAtuS #
  • I just started OPERATION MINCEMEAT by Ben Macintyre. Inspiration for WWII CRYPTONOMICON sections? Fun! #fridayreads #
  • Max has Netflix as "Netfleex". Also, self-describes as "Picky Bo-Bicky". Use case: "Not that Netfleex! I am being a Picky Bo-Bicky!" #SMAtuS #
  • About Sarah's cookies, Max: I don't just like these. I LOVE THEM. #SMAtuS Me too, Max, me too. #
  • @L_Hoff do you use the cup-to-door technique for eavesdropping? in reply to L_Hoff #

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