Oh me, oh my!

Big developments in the Paperclypse household: a new mini-paperclypse: Paperclypse the Younger has arrived!

Here’s another little MP3 for your listening pleasure. The text of which follows (I really like the bit about the Ragnarok of Pets and Zoo Animals… it seems like there’s at least a ten-volume set of epic fantasy novels there….):

Memory III

For all time,

as the cockatoos and walruses did wage eternal war each upon the other:

that bastard Ragnorak of pets and zoo animals,

my sleepmind vapored and rose above to gaze sadly down

(and yet happily)

upon my still and benodded bodybody:

the grim toes, those crooked lips, that hairy belly.

There was a screeching and a’gnawing upon the door,

and I watched my bodyself rise to open, sighing “no”:

hungry silence and salivated words upon my doorstep

toothy words at my door

oh, and darkness too:

dark which enveloped my head in a thousand blazing caricatures of


“Why is this here?” I cried.

The quiet stretched on and on and always,

as I watched my small and fragile formbody standing at the edge,

sitting coldly down, gnawing carefully-oh, so carefully!-

chewing on my bodyhand’s empty ringfingerbone:

looking down, I felt the dim pull of pain:

a quick rushing, and I sat once more between my ears.

Yet, I did not waken:

I sat clutching soiled words and empty fingers

and toothy lightning bolts were hurled ‘cross the sky:

those eyes within my head were stunned,

broken with their thick lashing.

In silence,

for there was no one there,

I scratched my ears

in silence.

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