Strolling about Sifnos

We had our first reasonably temperate day. (Sub 85 fahrenheit?) Went for a stroll among the olive groves. Walked from Apollonia to Kastro. Met a lovely Swedish woman who went to school at Linfield in McMinville, Oregon–where S lived for a time.

Met an old Greek man with produce (and a v. big stick) on our way to Kastro. In our limited mode of communication, he was able to tell us that he was a retired teacher of mathematics; that he didn’t like our president; that he didn’t like the way Europe was kowtowing to America; and the way to the beach. As for us, he understood (I think) architecture but no words we could think of related to libraries.

It’s night-time now. We’re going to go here some music at The Old Pirate Bar. (Pictures of the pirate soon to follow…)

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