Captain Marcos’ Taverna!


We had the best dinner.

After driving forever down a windy dirt-track (and scaring Sarah in the process)–I had spotted a faded, hand-painted sign while driving towards Perissa or the White/Red/Black Beaches that said (in Greek) “Captain Marcos’ Beach”–we arrived at the most beautiful and isolated beach in Santorini. I had my first swim in the Mediterranean. Whee!

After a swim, we headed back to Captain Marcos’ Taverna, where he and his wife spoke “piccolo english” and we spoke “poccolo greek”, but that was enough to get one of the best meals of my life. Some kind of fish that he caught that day, the feta cheese made from their goat eating just outside the window and fresh tomatoes from their garden beneath the window.

Captain Marcos may have scared away the Germans, but we had a wonderful time. Yum yum yum.

(Sarah had ouzo, the lush!, but I didn’t, because I was driving.)

Lots of other stuff–it was our busiest day on the island so far–but am running out of time at the internet cafe.

Tomorrow: off to Naxos! (Though I think we could easily spend a million more days at Captain Marcos’ Taverna, though we’d soon be round as houses….)

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