5 questions

The God of Beetles has compelled me to answer… 5 Questions:

1) What is your quest?
to plumb the furrowed crannies of this jocular, mockular, crannyum of, and find the wonderous things hid within

2) What are bellybuttons for?
for wonderousiful pokings of the centeroftheuniverse, revolve around it, man

3) Do the books ever speak to you? what do they say? do you talk back? what do you say?
oh and the books be doing nothing but speak and speak and speak and even when their knuckles are caked with spidery dust and not even poor book’s mother would leave it on the shelf, but toss it in the butterybin, well. and the manner of things they say? who can count the multitude? not i, periwinkle, not i

4) Expound on the meaning of Love.
the thing to hang my hat upon, or rather, when all’s said and done, it’s just the right thing, done well and good. oh, and how hard it is to maintain on that unicycle perched on the great-greasy highwire act! other times, it is the act without effort, the pure being of living.

5) If you were an antiquated saying, what antiquated saying would you be?
oh this it what i’d be:

Taketh the fruyt, and lat the chaf be stille.


Oh, and if you want me to ask you some questions (as the game seems to be played), feel free to leave a comment.

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