unlike that afterall

you seee
said the spasming face
it’s all there, wrapped in fish or dancing some paper jig
flavors like stars

twice upon a time,
that’s a truer thing

hirsute… heh.
sometimes words just bubble up
from where?
halcyon brains of yore.

leaning towards filching some
drugged on berries
eating fifty ones
watching that sugar halo raze

have some whatzit, sugar,
darling, goombaloo

there’s so many edges of things
there’s nothing but edges
spinning their sharpening gyres

and till one step’s been taken off
this old hat will sit, here, on
nothing’s so vital as a spot o’ blood
keep that stuff inside!

it’s been two many days since cleaning up
and playing outside’s become some kind of
a degenerate one at that.

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