2 thoughts on “A Theory of Fun”

  1. That’s cool. I have an issue with it, though that’s from looking through the PDF, which isn’t the entire book, so maybe there’s more of an answer somewhere that this guy presents. But my basic issue is that the PDF presents the postulate that game players try to recognize the patterns in the game, and that once they do so they become bored with it.

    This isn’t always the case. There are people who play the same game over and over, where it’s not about solving puzzles or figuring out patterns anymore. I don’t know what it IS about, exactly; I tend to fall in line with what the guy’s describing, so it’s hard for me to say.

    But it’s a cool thing he has there.

  2. Good point! Maybe the book gets into this… I think the PDF is more like a taster, to whet the appetite… not so good with salt… I mean, for nuance.

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