Wherefore the weblogs halting behavior?

Now that my life has changed utterly (the transition from cubitant to gradstudent being completed), I find that my online habits have been changing as well. Mostly, I’ve been struggling with what to do with this thing, this space which is increasingly devoid of content. I often *mean* to write something here, but I find that I don’t really think of it. It doesn’t occur to me like it used to, when I was poking away at spreadsheets and databases in the cube farm.

My initial thought is to incorporate this, somehow, into my school-life. I’ve had thoughts of turning this, here, left-side into a dumping ground for school notes and thoughts related to studies, while turning that increasingly defunct right-side over there into an amalgamation of what the left/right dichotomy used to (doesn’t it still) mean to me.

I’ve thought about collapsing the two into one single entity. Just letting it all stir together in a grand stewpot, letting the chips or whatall just fall wherever. I’ve also thought about finding some kind of new vigor and, while continuing the old classic left/right style, adding a new school-related thing. I sort of balk at this last option–managing three weblogs seems to fall just a hair away (if not over!) the line of complete and utter sheer madness.

The sadness, for me, is that I’ve been having a lot of really great thoughts and thinks about things that I feel are sort of falling by the wayside. (Another possibility: Am I feeling paralyzed by the insanity and madness that seem to me to be roiling just beneath the thin skin of our “civilization”, just waiting to burst onto the scene in a fury of violence and savagery? I am afraid of what is to come, even as my life blossoms with all kind of possibility. And perhaps ashamed of my inability to take action or speak in the face of where the world seems to be heading. So I just kind of peer out at the world through my little hazy glass porthole, hoping that maybe I’m wrong, and things really aren’t as bad (though I think ‘fucked’ would be more appropriate) as they seem.) So, basically what I’m saying is that I intend to keep writing in this space in *some* format; though there may be something of a reconstruction or a remodeling in the near future.

Also, I kind of even doubt if anyone is even poking around here anymore (not that that was ever really the reason for writing here, though a nice side-effect), so I should just do whatever strikes me as useful and good and maybe something groovy will come out of it.

4 thoughts on “Wherefore the weblogs halting behavior?”

  1. Ha!

    The problem is that you don’t have an Aggregator.

    You *HAVE* to have an Aggregator. There’s no blogging without it.

    So, what you do, is you install Firefox, and then Sage.

    Yes, I’ve been reading. I read almost as soon as you post. It’s my magic omnivision eyes.

    BTW, I read the Lion and the Unicorn. I, at least, am reading what you write.

    Yah. Yah. Write about what you’re thinking about. Write cool stuff. Write whatever. And listen to what other people are doing, and listen to what other people are saying. (That’s where the aggregator comes in.)

    So go get an Aggregator.

    I recommend Sage. Easy to install, right after you sic Firefox on your computer.

    Here are two feeds to get you started.

    Call me up if you need tech support. 206.427.2545.

  2. Now I don’t know whether to respond to all this aggregator gibberish or to keep on barreling along with whatever commenting I was about to do before reading the previous commentations. So I’ll ignore the aggregator thing.

    Very glad to see you writing here. i’ve got no aggregator, though I briefly played with one on TeeVee (this is me ignoring the aggragator thing, see?) I didn’t like it. I like webpages. So I come here when i can, and it’s good to see this, especially when I’ve cornered my own self into the possibly life-threatening position of having to post on my own site-thingy every day. I’ll hope you let your own twistings-and-turnings guide you to update here with whatever-ya-want to, but more frequently than either of us has been doing recently, and so give me cohortation in my travails. Tra la la.

    The world is going crazy and I am just recording things about not recording things, but at least I’m thinkin’.

  3. Thanks, lads. Those comments warm the cockles of my heart, after what has turned out to be a rather unpleasing day (due entirely to myself, as it turns out).

    Lion: I’ve actually been using an RSS aggregator for awhile. A program for my Mac called “NetNewsWire”. It’s pretty nice. It’s seems to be especially good for keeping track of new software versions that come out for programs that I have. (I seem to have turned off html in these comments. I’ll have to look into that.) But thanks! I didn’t know that Livejournal had RSS feeds. That’s cool!

    i: the coattails of the world are curling up like crazy, indeed! it’s nice to know you still poke around here sometimes.

  4. i’ve noticed that you haven’t been posting…and i’m glad you did…post about the debates, or the fact that at this very moment bush and kerry are tied at 264 electoral votes each on electoral-votes.com. ug!

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