all the sauce in heaven

just watch that nectarine juice dribble off god’s chin, or so sayeth the beetleman

contrariwise, there’s a cold heap of stew just waiting to be cooked up in a stewpot; all those delicious potaters; crammed heap of dandelion wines; heaps and crocks of cheesemongers; and plenty of stones to go around; yellowing umbrellas that spray water everwhere; uncle’s hats and trawsers; steamboats and curlicues and madcap reindeer horns; jelly ticklers; puncher cards and heaps and heaps of turkish delight in turkish baths; fluttering incunabulae; just-in-time-for-its getting there just in time; bouncing, burbling mountaintops jiggling with their oncelerosity; just watch that breaded sky break out; dallying gentlemen, waiting for that coy milkmaid to saunter by….

oh, maybe not so contrariwise after all.
just eat that scrumptious stew. full to bursting.

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