One thought on “Frontline’s THE WAY THE MUSIC DIEd”

  1. I watched that thing the old-fashioned way this weekend. It was a good show, and it provided a lot of stuff for me to discuss with the people I was watching with.

    The David Crosby stuff was very cool. What I didn’t quite get was whether or not the show’s producers were making some statement. That Hudson girl’s music was pretty not-exciting to me, and seemed to be a good illustration of style-over-substance. Yet it wasn’t really being presented that way — from what I could gather she was being presented as the “good” artist who was being wronged by the system, in comparison to Velvet Revolver who were only being given a shot because of their pedigree. That idea didn’t work for me, though, because Velvet Revolver’s stuff is good, and hers was just radio-sounding shlock. So I was confused about that aspect of the show.

    But it was a good thing, and i’m glad to know it’s available online for more lookin’.

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