The Many Facets: a compelling metaphor for truth

There’s this fellow who writes a blog called Correction. An interesting fellow, who’s gone the long route from atheism to Christianity and is, as far as I can tell, training to be a minister… About which, more here.

He describes Truth as a jewel with many facets; each facet being a “truth”–Islam, Judaism, Scientific Whatzit (what’s the name for it? Scientific Rationality? You’d think that I would know this…) or what you will–through which a person might peer to get at the big bad Truth lurking in the center. “Through a glass darkly”, I think it goes, hmm?

One thought on “The Many Facets: a compelling metaphor for truth”

  1. Hey there. Thanks for that link. It’s just now come sorta close to sucking me back in to writing something. I’ve been once again on this jaunt, futzing with wrapping my head around the religion thing. This was partly sparked by a book I got from my mom for christmas, called “The Question of God.” I think that’s what it’s called. It uses the similarities and differences between Freud and C.S. Lewis, the former a lifelong (more or less) atheist and the latter someone who was an atheist up until about the time he was 30 when he became Christian.

    I’ve only just started the thing. It’s got a lot of interesting stuff, but unfortunately so far I’m not feeling that there’s much similarity between the way I feel about all this stuff and the way they apparently felt. It seems like both of them (and from what little I’ve just read of the linked blog, that Correction guy, too,) were really strongly Atheist. They used logic to get there, but the logic seems flawed from the start, at least as it’s been presented to me — the things these religious folks are saying is unprovable and therefore wrong. Anytime I hear that I immediately feel like there’s some anger going on that I’m not sure I have.

    Anyway, I’ll maybe write more when I finish that thing, and hopefully I’ll read some more of this Correction guy’s blog along the way.

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