3 thoughts on “Oh, and do they!”

  1. Yow. Yike. Manned Spaceflight? Ouch. That guy hurt my feelings.

    ‘salright though, I never did find any book by him I could get through.

    (is he joking? half joking? maybe my slouch has carried into my understanding nodules.)

  2. well, i have mixed feelings about the manned space flight too. especially after reading the book i finished today. (probly write about tomorrow)

    i like sterling. he writes good articles. plus i really liked his book, ZEITGEIST.

    if you like manned spaceflight, you may want to check out Warren Ellis’ graphic novel: ORBITER. it’s pretty much a 96 page Ode to Spaceflight.

  3. maybe he’s joking.
    i liked the killer app of steam engines being to assist in mining coal and the killer app of coal being railroad engines to carry coal. la.

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