5 thoughts on “O happy critter! be alive (not dead) forever!”

  1. when i think of what a critter is: that animal seems to fit it perfectly.

    there should be a line drawing of this beastie, next to the dictionary entry for “critter”

  2. It freaks me out yet again now. Man. Like really, shivers. I get freakin’… my hackles, even. HACKLES. Those little almost-eyes. If that’s even what that is. Eek. I’m not really that squeemish, but eek.

    I am really in a slouch again. Needing a kick in the knee. Recently (week and a half ago) nearly finished reading a book called “A Question of Conscience.” Or… A Matter of Conscience? erm. So I had about a chapter left, and it up and got lost. Gone. All gone. And it wasn’t half bad. I think I’ve been spinning out of control ever since.

    Why’d I post that here? Erm. Dunno.

  3. Don’t bother. His feet are nailed to that paper mache forest floor and he can’t kick you back. Poor lil’ fellah.

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