After deciding awhile ago to start writing brief descriptions of all the books that I’ve been reading, I quickly got behind. Here’s a stab at some catch-up:

A little more than a week ago, I finished reading
Robert S. De Ropp’s The Master Game: Pathways to Higher Consciousness. The basic premise of the book is that there are several “games” that people play in their lives: the survival game; the family game; “pig-in-the-trough” (the acquisition game); “cock-on-the-heap” (the fame game); and the master game.

According to de Ropp, the only game worth playing is the master game, or the pursuit of higher consciousness. I must admit, that I’m not entirely sure what he means by “higher consciousness”, but it seems to involve achieving a state of conscious, rather than unconscious, living. To move through life in a state of wakefulness rather than half-asleep.

He then goes on to describe several methods to achieve varying degrees of wakefulness, most of which involve some degree of living-in-the-momentness. He also describes personality/body types (somatic, cerebrotonic and viscerotonic –what is particularly bizarre about these words is that I had never come across them before and then, what do you know, they pop up all over the place in Limbo, which I spoke about before.) and the particular difficulties or stumbling blogs that each of these personality types tend to encounter in the master game.

He also discusses the false enlightenment which drugs represent and the need to avoid that particular trap. This is the section I found to be the most interesting.

Okay, it seemed like a lot of the same kinds of things I’ve been reading elsewhere, but the strange thing about de Ropp is that I can’t really find anything about him online. (Maybe I’m just not being thorough enough…) I found some casual references to him scattered about, such as here and here. It’s very strange. I wish that I could remember where I first came across de Ropp’s name… Perhaps it was in Rudolph Steiner’s book? I can remember…


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