incoming whirlies

all the searchings in the world

grant morrison interviews
right side of the brain
thorn tattoos
dance on the head of a pin
irrational rationality
brain left half right half
caftan 2003
filtration tanks
grant morrison
grant morrison interview
hand painted photographs
right side brain
sculpting clay
the irrational rationality
alien hand syndrome
amy hempel now i can see the moon
bishop allen article interview
brain half

4 thoughts on “incoming whirlies”

  1. Oh, SURE. YOU get the searches for Alien Hand. All I get’s a bunch of people lookin’ fer a CATV filter sCRAMbler DESCRamblER or something.

  2. there were voices in my head about the alien hand and so they hit the stream, but were never yet made clearly explicable. Perhaps regardless it’ll all land on the stoop at your stoopness.


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