dragon bones in the soop

contrariwise, where’s some gazpacho when you need it? (it’s too hot for hot, if you know what i’m saying).

i’m feeling that spike at the back of the throat, anyhow. like the milk’s all spilt and the tail’s curdled over. otherwise, there are no dreams that are recurring these days. only that creakiness upon waking and lumbering off to work. (do i lumber? early in the morning)

kilimanjaro’s a pretty respectable mountain, all in all.

6 thoughts on “dragon bones in the soop”

  1. (I never have any idea what we’re talking about.)

    Ye, verily, and as the Mariana Trench belittles the ditch out past the train station…

  2. any idea or no idea?
    where’s the ragamuffin themesong, anyhow?
    where’s the rational elucidation of all things non-sensical? does monkeybooha have a thesis to parro down to the cornerstoop?
    mit all these curmudgeons dancing around the chore, i’m sure the daisee never seemed so pretty.

  3. “A Rational Elucidation of All Things Non-Sensical:

    a treatise on jabberwocky, gibberish, and the rise and fall of a lot of cool sounding stuff that doesn’t mean anything in the twentieth century

    with an introduction by the exhumed left pinky finger of John Lennon”

    (GB14.2348 copyright 2039, patent pending, skillfully fabricated from the gum left over from the great WilJon Gum Factory Fire of 2005)

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