A great idea regarding copyright law

Lawrence Lessig has a great idea regarding copyright law. Basically, the idea is that, after 50 years(!), a work will pass into the public domain UNLESS the copyright holder pays a $1 ‘maintenance fee’. Seems ultra-reasonable to me.

Anyway, Mr. Lessig’s description is far more detailed than my own and also includes links to write to your congresspeople.

a greasy whirring pressure behind the eyes

the humming and the whirring clicking of those teeth. and they had eyes too
frantically, or moreso, because the self-described “bum” had a great shiningJackNicholson . creepy, steeping back, leaning back. still close. watching that one red eye/one white eye peering at me. such care with the brew. can’t go to breed hungry.

i have seen the arms of god flailing in the wind, or the sun, or something invisible that escapes my notice. and then he asked me if i wanted to kill some vietnamese. i said that i wasn’t into that kind of thing. he sighed. i wouldn’t buy him pabst either. who would’ve thought our mayor was a chinese communist mole?

still reeling from a bit of rejection… fuck that papertrail, donchaknow. the eyes have it. all the cheesecarriers are out on patrol. who? or what? has eeten all the choice cookies? why arent there any left? (oh pooh! pleny of cookies, you squaller!)

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or maybe finding the sordid storied farmaceuticals laying about the place. inject some cinematic joy straight into your carotid. swallow a novelistic lozenge and watch the dialogue float by (flutterby), attributions fluting by the wayside. snort some musically, why don’cha? get those verrrrrbareens and chordiclaes deep in there. feel those cilia burn! (hammer and tongs, droning deep–deeply droning?)