fowp, or the questo will get you in the end

” girls world like scrub all round closed every wild nonsense being commitment arm eight Turkish warships getting can make copies home one Madam Mina tell sails being next branches willow too reverse Dowager Palace waited go get ready all well four can pushcarts plums bananas interest vegetable gardens Prince essential nature eating unsatisfactory Sunset asked shoulder put arm back blouse get ready all well four ca”

find a purpose in any old thing. boots and lederhosen and jeremiads and deuced maneuvers(!) and pomo dancers straight from juilliard and coughy drowners and whisked bottom drawers and all the graves on earth and countless mastodons.

or maybe finding the sordid storied farmaceuticals laying about the place. inject some cinematic joy straight into your carotid. swallow a novelistic lozenge and watch the dialogue float by (flutterby), attributions fluting by the wayside. snort some musically, why don’cha? get those verrrrrbareens and chordiclaes deep in there. feel those cilia burn! (hammer and tongs, droning deep–deeply droning?)

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