Our universal network

Get your free, unheard of music here and here.

Why not think of MP3s as advertising? Advertising that 90+% of musicians sorely need. The big five label artists are a red herring, a drop in the bucket.

2 thoughts on “Our universal network”

  1. Thanks for those; the audacity of the major labels, in conjunction with politicians, to close down/make more difficult avenues for the free trade of music adversely affects those of us who are in it for the music, as opposed to whatever it is the labels are after.

    there are also:
    Music Builder

    All with ways to stream/download mp3s free, from people who actually WANT people to listen to their music.

  2. Kingo,
    Thanks so much for those other links! I definitely appreciate it.

    It’s such a headache: the whole RIAA, technology thing. I do think the RIAA wouldn’t be having such trouble with “piracy” if they actually offered people what the wanted: relatively inexpensive downloads of single tracks.

    I definitely like what the folks at Creative Commons are doing in this area.


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