even when i’m not dreaming

otherwise the old skreeming. like a little creem in your milk? or some old bizarre. (i mean, bazaar) i’ve a mind to spearhead the unravelling rug, pin that loose thread down and fly around the world, ravelling as i unravel. (who’d go with me on my little odyssey? wrapping the world in yarn: yo, ariadne eat your heart out!)

it seems, that i’m even travelling in other dreams

way to go me! zoom zoom zoom!

but still there’s this rather gordian dilemma: namely how to separate the me that’s here from the me that might be anywhere.

inscrutable desires. and what about other kinds of travelling?

7 thoughts on “even when i’m not dreaming”

  1. my dreams never take me where i think I want to go. They try to take me where I probably ought not go, the places that maybe my subconscious wishes I could return to.

    but they unravel, and they tantalize, and they sometimes make the not-dreams that much more difficult to…


    put a stick in.

  2. i like my dreams to be in popcicle or corndog format. that’s so much fun.
    dreams are more directional than you might think, hmm. less prone to subsconscional effect than you might think, hey.
    if that’s what you want.

  3. I have in the past had lucid dreams, but I haven’t developed it as a skill. I am a failure as a skillful lucid dreamer. The Omni issue about it just never took.

  4. I have been able to do the lucid dream thing, but clumsily. Plus, when I’m asleep, all I can come up with to do is fly (kinda low to the ground) or walk through walls. BORING! I hate travelling, anyway. When I go to bed, I want to stay there. I even resent having to travel to the bathroom once I’ve gone to bed, let alone space travel.

  5. i forgot to remember that lucid dreaming wasn’t possible, and so ended up doing it all the time!
    no one ever told me you were supposed to think dreams were real!

  6. I think you’re supposed to realize that you’re dreaming and therefore all things are possible. The tricky part is not waking up once you realize that you are in a dream. I usually think : “Oh goody, this is a dream, that means I can fly!”

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