giggling like the fiend of hell

sowry, sowry for that deep quick sift to the neck. ya, eat eat eatsit. but the dinner’s groaning cold. poiled rice and greamy cornswaryps. try believing nuttin and evrytin at the same time–see where it getsya.
“…around the corner behind a door…”
globalbrain going through pubeythroes? boils burstin out all over t’place? micro vs macrocosm? what’s reflecting what, anyway? and who’s the crazy fucker sterring this bus anyhow?

feels like riding a rampaging cow over a cliffty sauce. ut dies ut dies. wheep! there a cushion down there?

cauldron burn and cauldron bubble. or maybe the sweater’s caught on hook and the tension of the moment before it all aravels. aravelling aravelling we go, high-ho aravelling. what new thing’s being knit?

basically i’m …..

hey, we’ve got a time machine here: books from the future flying in. what ould ya. how much longer can the strain go?

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