old old old

we’re feeling so chatty and the cup’s burning our hands so we’re holding
it in(wethink) a very funny way and all the eyes just keep flying around
the room and down to the table and the cheessplayers(clocksclickclak) are
mumbling their chessplaying moves , to be sure , and no one ever wins anymore
in that silly old game. how sad to lose with just 7 seconds remaining on
your opps clock, unless I’m disremembering. the old cloak just burns around
our eyes, wordswordwords, but I’ve got an idea now and only everything is
silent then all what’s this thought? stigmata? bleeding from the hands. but
would the blood stain? or would it just clean things really well? or would
it stain forever, fresh as the day it bled? is the ground on Golgotha forever
stained? Read: THE THREE STIGMATA OF PALMER ELDRITCH by Philip K. Dick. Not as good as THE DIVINE INVASION, but very interesting.

Also, just read AS I LAY DYING. this book kicked my ass, but in a good way.


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