i approached the phantom tollbooth,

i approached the phantom tollbooth,
last night, shummpy. shummpy, don’t pout. it went well, but I find out. later.
to be sure, the mechanickals just keep jamming up with poysenberries. but
here’s a tentative structure for it: 1) boy etc. and family prior to carnival
(is this a red herring? should I even worry about creating an everyman character
to provide etc unclouded perspec?) 2) the ringmaster’s pov narration… this
suggests the possibility of other pov narration, such that they weave together
like so 2a) alternative is thirdperson structure interspersed with firstperson
ringmaster stuff 3) is it like setting crazy fish in a box and watching them
eat each other? or is it needing some external poke? (the finger of god stirs
the dust) crackit, what a nut this has become. need to start tapping away
at the damn thing some more, but the thought of veering off in the wrong
direction has stayed my hand for now, that plaid and worried thing. jester’s
chortling at my ruse.

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