i spect that grinning like

i spect that grinning like a mad doubloon,is not the way
to attract (detractxctdetract) ttention to myself

scrapple that dapply horse, the one we’re hiding inside of
spinning down to the joneslocker
cavewallhiders (behindwhich) ya, they’ve heard that horsestory before
looked that ‘horse in mowf, trundled it down to sea and bread
sinkysinky, we are so horsysinky

biggbiggfish swim slow bye
water is a generous element
(i bear that burden on my shoulder, whiskywhisky, sploshsplosh)
(spilling wattry everwhere)
(dripdrop clipclop goes that statue horse)

I and he and her and it are all eating mugins and baffels
slipppppppy goes that coruscating rill of butter
my back is curved from leaning to long over her
peering down at her neck, watching hairs go quivry
my breath is soloud in her ears that evvvrywine just standsonend

whisperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr: “hi”
but it’s not so loud as my breathing and she doesn’t hear

and the greengrocer stands on his stool, points loud:
“you, freebooter, wanderer! rootless one, tentborn!
“cancel yer ‘scription, you’re not wanted here!”

all the tears go sloopy, what’s the point at bottom o’ sea
and alicewise, the sea’s our own doing
drowning at the bottom of these drooling eye sockets

it’s a good thing our trorse has a periscope
otherwise, we’d be blind forever

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