am I wording it agaiN?

am I wording it agaiN? here’s the scooop: I’ve been yaveling all offer the place
screeching at all the nice people, or wait, I meant speaking. or maybe squeaking?
“why don’t you dance?” they say (with us) they imply, and I don’t have a good answer.
although I have six which are all true together. “take your pick,” I don’t say.
“gurgle gurgle,” this suit ties me together like a mnkey. mnkey see, mnkey do!
I’m a mnkey too! I’m all kinds of -mnkey.

that drunk person talked to me for “hours”. my face was a friendly blank, but inside
I was too polite to scream, or to kick in shins and run. though, much-preffered
the strangerdrunk to drunkerdad. senitamental and weepy, becuz I have too many
wanderthoughts in allmybrain. that tie really brought my suit together!

my brot tied the knot, ached and spun, ring’s all done.
I wasn’t wearing a cravat.

when all the sun goes down behind a hill, and everyone’s lurching and sneeing in the
murk of dusk, and everyone wants to find someone to fuck: drum your licking luck.
drink deep your dark grin. ope your sweet grimoire. spickle, that’s all, spickle.

flying through the air on a bus, meeting ones who lose their luggage and
who snackle in a hufff and like to sit elsewhen from there.
I’d laugh if it weren’t so traumatic, the bussit, traumansit.

too many phonic ‘K(c)’ names surround me, fight inside my brains. (every one of which is
crawling about, looking for nighttime in the dust, when all our windowed peacock-feather
souls can sleep sweep dreams sweeper. push that dust and grime out the door, we don’t
want it anymore.) get away, k(c)-names, get away! you’re not welcome inside my brain!

because really, what’s in a name, do all k(c)-names wish to be the same as all the others,
or even are they? it all in my brain, those k(c)-names like marbles braking my teeth.

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