words sputtering out

joker, keep laughing.
orange blossoms floating down the staircase.
will some grilled salmon sate?
unfiltered spring water thrown back,
yes, and some cool draught of sound.
until the breathtaking vista cracks,
wait here, wait soft, but wait.
some like to scrub their mind with wicker;
some, to eat their pumping heart.
(delicious, but unsettling, wet lips)
wildcards throw down, tip the table,
slide the scales right off.
gold bars clattering all around,
cling, clingity, clang.
but, o, joker, keep laughing.
there’s no gullible think that won’t be,
with gravitas and with scorn, thought.
worms crawling in the clutter,
feeding on the armchairs and out-of-tune
pianos; this trash is fading fast!