oooh, this really gets my goat…

So, without revealing anything about anything, I’m subscribed to this “industry” email newsletter. Today, I get one that goes something like this:
Some guy asks: There’s a website with free (FREE!) electronic texts for download; can I link to them directly?

To Which somebody from something called the copyright group replies: Oh, no! You mustn’t link to those things! You know the hullabulloo that downloaded music causes, you mustn’t mustn’t mustn’t LINK to something that you may get for free. (!?!?!?)

This kind of thing makes me want to scream… IF YOU (the owner of a piece of writing, whathaveyou) PUT SOMETHING ON THE INTERNET, YOU ARE AGREEING THAT OTHER PEOPLE MAY DOWNLOAD IT; LINK TO IT, WHATEVER!

beware the fang-ed duck!

Beware the duck of death!

…and she made some grandiloquent remark:
Coelacanth in the Mediterranean?
Ducks with bright copper rings tight around their necks.
They can?t swallow the fish they catch
diving from skows in the Indian or Asian sea.
They can?t eat, poor ducks, but for the very smallest of morsels,
but just you wait, you ducks, just you wait!
Soon when no one is looking, I will give you teeth!
Teeth to chew the fish into the very smallest of morsels!
Teeth to bite the hand! To bite back for freedom from tyranny
for democracy, for a full meal!
Soon those skows and dinghys and schooners and whatnot will be yours!
And toothed ducks will sail the Seven Seas.
There will be terror upon the face of the deep.
Ducks with teeth will resurrect the spectre of communism!
Skulls-and-bones will snap once more in the wind.