The Out-of-Town Coati

One day, this coati came to town. (Don’t know what a coati is? They’re weird looking!) Everyone was perturbed, but not for the reasons you might think. It wasn’t the long, slightly too-pointed snout. Nor was it the vaguely ringed, lemur-like tail. Nope, all the townsfolk were slightly bothered by the fact that the coati wasn’t from around there, from out of town, you might say. The townsfolk liked things the way they were (even though they’d only been that way for about five years or so) and they didn’t want to see that coati waltz in there and change things all around. How the coati might achieve these changes was something of a mystery, but the townsfolk weren’t strong on reasoning when it came to hot button topics like The State of My Town. The coati just sort of wandered around, eating bugs or jello or whatever it is they eat. Some time passed. The town was still there. Everyone was still kind of doing their own thing. A few things had changed, but it had happened so gradually, no one really even noticed. One day, this tarsier came to town. All the townsfolk were perturbed, but not by its big eyes and anglo-saxon sensibilities (it loved meat-heavy breakfasts and tea). No, they were bothered by the fact that the tarsier wasn’t from around there…

Moral: Change is tough to deal with if you assume it’s unusual.

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