Some Links (Feelings Wombat Edition)

Man, I forgot how much fun old school web logging is.

You can take some tests to figure out how “authentically happy” you are. Neat idea. I don’t feel “authentically happy” when taking tests, so I haven’t done any of these yet…

“A Culture That’s Sick About Sex Will Never Be Able to Stop Harassment and Abuse” Tough to argue with the points in this article. If you asked me what “healthy sexuality” means to me, I’m not sure I could give you a good answer.

A good summary of the Stoic philosophy. If I have any guiding principles, these are probably them.

I love this URL. I also love this idea for a publication. Free to print yourself, but you can buy a limited print edition.

Dwarf Fortress is the most awesome game I can never quite figure out how to play. The world generation is a thing of beauty.

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