Intergalactic Post

(Better get one of those ‘forever’ stamps.)

It was a lonely road traveling the space between the stars. It wasn’t just anyone who could stand the nigh infinite tedium of an intergalactic postal carrier job. Symone Goobswoom Nrtanda had been ranging from Arcturus to Betelgeuse and back again for a couple millenia now, relativistically speaking, anyway. Her beat up old Beagle-class carrier “van” was getting pretty rickety and banged up from all those micrometeorites and just the dadblanged cold and stellar/solar radiation. Sure, she had her tunes and her puzzles and her pet Gork, a Siloopian hedge crawler, and her cryomeditation center. Well, shoot, if anyone was as grounded, as centered, as mystically at one with the universe, well she’d eat her regulation-issue postal hat right then and there. Sometimes, she’d pick up some hitchhikers just looking for a ride or maybe even just to lift that specter of boredom, kinda lurking just out of sight. The last hiker had jellybeans, so that was pretty cool, a real retro-shoutout there, even came in one of them globular bean dispenser things. He only had one coin so he had to keep unscrewing the bottom to keep it out. That took a while, but, well, it’s not like they were rushed for time now were they? Most times, when she got to the address where she’d been headed for such a long time, she almost forgot what she was doing there.

Last time, actually, she’d knocked on the door and just stood there empty-handed until the small child-like creature had snurked, “Package? For me?” Came to her senses, Symone had rushed to her ‘pod and handed the package over. The creature had eaten it without even opening it, which her rubbed her the wrong way a little, but, well, who was she to judge.

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