Typing Under the Wire

(No, not a literal wire.)

Quick, quick! Type something funny or clever or at least not unsettlingly tedious before the kids start yelling again!

Nope, I got nothing.

And really it’s not so much a wire–I’m imagining a lit dynamite wire–as a sword just dangling over the head. How strong is that rope anyway? Who does the sword-rope maintenance? Who dusts the sword when it gets dusty? Is there a special sword dusting ladder? What do you dust a sword with, anyway? Or is it more of a special cloth rubbing thing?

OK, now I’m rethinking this sword thing.

It’s not so much a dangling sword as a fox/henhouse setup. Because, assuming it’s a decent rope, that swords gonna be up there for quite a while. Whereas once you set that fox in the henhouse, some certain inevitabilities are gonna play out. I mean, maybe the blood and feathers are worth the price of a few stolen moments? Maybe not? Also, you’d probably be wrong if you guess who was the fox and who was the henhouse…

Whoops! Time’s up!

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