duck… duck… duck… duck gooose!

jangle jangle jangle, man. watch those keyrows jangle. feel that outworn notion just slip into a pile of… fruitbars. i said, yes. yes. just keep on feeding those… ducks. watch their little feet curl up in joy… ha ha! fooled you little ducks… no bread for you.

so then the ducks just swim to the other side, where another one waits, expectantly, with a handful of brea–but oh! see how quick that one stuffs all the bread into its mandibles! hee hee! watch the little ducks cry their little duck tears, swimming round and round (fluffling their little duck feathers and just watch that water slide off there! neat!) and watching all the ones with hard eyes and mouthfuls of bread.

what am i saying? am i saying anything? oh, probably not.

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