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  1. Australia’s, like, WTF??

    Great Cob, I’m busted in my cube over up in here, this jump, this… thing. I’m like WTF? Asteroid’s like, fuck that.

    I was playing soccer, sort of, with a little tiny stressball, out in the hall, in the new digs which weren’t designed by that one guy with the fucking cable caddies up in the sky, but there’s nobody on this floor but us, and there’s like 9 of us, and everyone was gone but me and the one other guy, and we were out there kicking that thing.

    I’m working late, you see, so I’m not actually working. I SHOULD be working, since the point of working late is to work. However, the point becomes, after 4pm, staying late enough to miss traffic, so the actual doing work part becomes secondary.

    I’ve been not blogging for some week now. What a weird. wtf?

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