some time ago.

I have some weird people living in my town. but that makes it a pretty town and all the sausages are having sausage dances.

even the canned operas sound nicer in the summer time, with their blaring vibrattos and conciliatory feedlehosen. i stood under a tree. that helped me think of things. the trees were like spackle., or rather, the light shinging through the trees leaves was like spackle. or rather the lighting shings through the treaves, landing on ground like spackle. or pollyuna. or polysmudgem. or yugi eller. that histrionic guy with the spoonbending blather.

juice never tastes as good three weeks from now. that’s why i drink it right away. my cackle is filed to bursting with ‘weird’ libros. mabye i just need a ‘normal’ one. does anyone have any ‘normal’ recs? that would be neat.

3 thoughts on “some time ago.”

  1. SPOONS!

    Your commentforks are all in a bungle, or, I mean, the number down there tells me 1 when I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT 2!!! Can you believe? I am swearing on my swine!

    I thought as much, though, that I: SAID A THING!!!. It is so utterly unrepenting and not related but SPOON BENDING. Can you believe that, either?


  2. I tried posting a link, but I’d forgotten some cardinal rule of something-or-other, wherein this here thing, isn, not, oc, is. SO. is?

    I am invisible for days at a week.

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