5 thoughts on “while all the bells are singing. i’m creeping.”

  1. that thing is notalink! In fact, it’s the opposite of a link, where oppositeofalink is a non-link, a linkinglooking line that doesn’t actually go, doesn’t actually do anything to anything except be that lightblue linky-type color. You know the one. It’s all over, like we can see sky through here.

    And the universe took a deep breath, crushing it all back into that tinylittleball.

  2. I goed back! i hit the linker and it linkered me good like a good link should. sometimes seeing pictures on a computer screen all squashed down to little-size, especially things as complicated as that, make me squibble. there is so much to see, and it’s hard to see any of it.

    AND I AM JUST BACK FROM THE DENTIST AND MY FACE IS NUMB, LIKE I HAVE A FAT FACE, and everytime i look in the mirror it’s the same face as always, except I can’t move my muscles right so it’s a little odd, but it’s not fat like it feels, and so I think there’s an illusion going on.

  3. had rootcanal once. face swelled up to blusters.
    painpainpain. painpainpain.
    and the dentist screwed up.
    had an infection. (won’t go into gruesome, bloody details…)
    never going to THAT dent again.

    speedy recovery, i. best wishes!

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