finally at last and to be sure withal

can’t the bones of daisy may be resting? can’t the hardley-bardleigh rest in shade tonight? it’s all about the bits of words on nothingtoast or qabbalistic mutterincks (yo, cobbleheaded man! read out to us yer words of lore. methinks ye’ve gotta find the loo! ya)

so, there you have it, la. can’t even squak for a dimestore muffin…

maybe my entire yahso is wrongo?

2 thoughts on “finally at last and to be sure withal”

  1. Can’t, well, going THAT direction, can’t really, well. Sporting a changing over here, now, too, not sparrows but barrows, bludgeoned with

    You said “cobbleheaded man” and my ears shot up and attached themselves to the ceilings all around here, probably at least stretching over into maybe the apartment building next on the ladder, over there, and I’m still here but can’t hear BUT may cob gain a certain amount of undeniable information.

    So then, my emoticons have to be lateral, now?

  2. emotionickals = wrong side round anyhow.
    forgive my cobbleheaded reference, an it offence ye.
    no harm meant by it, no how.
    just wa(o)ndering about several things.

    but just to be sure (+—i separated you out from others with these same walls—+) see?

    the lateralization was my own questions and purposeful quizzing. see, what if the brain is not just split into left/right but other bisectionals as well? (and also: just read PKdick saying that maybe there are two brains in every person… why not more?)

    and so what do you call em?

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