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Like nothing so much as tossing a pebble in the ocean…

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Generations by Flavia Biondi

A graphic novel where this young gay man crashes with his three aunts and grandmother because he’s afraid to go home. Refreshingly, not because he’s worried about coming out–his dad already knows–but because he lied about being in college. Really, it’s about the ways older generations hide things from the younger, sometimes without even meaning to. One of those comics even non-comics readers would probably enjoy.

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Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

A very satisfying sequel/conclusion to Six Crows. There’s an interesting thing going on where commerce is literally the state religion. Would’ve liked to see a bit more of that. But, all in all, the protagonists are a delightful bunch of amoral monsters–to greater and lesser degrees–that are fun to read about, but you certainly wouldn’t want to know them personally. Extremely readable.

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Eartha by Cathy Malkasian

A surreal, deeply strange story. I wasn’t so sure about how I felt about it at first, but was fully onboard with it by the midway point or so.

The art feels like a picture book, but the story is very much not for kids. Much of it feels like very pointed commentary about the state of things, particularly the compulsive need to check in on the news (guilty!).

It’s a beautiful book. I expect you’ll get something out of it.

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Sometimes you just don’t feel like posting anything.

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Some Links (Screaming Binturong Edition)

(Silly, binturong’s don’t scream. They just silently judge you.) One thing I don’t like: screaming in the car, whether joyous or otherwise. A Wrinkle in Time was pretty good, although maybe a bit too intense for the younger set. Portland’s got some weird energy today.

If you want to keep tabs on all the weird Portland shenanigans going down. Some of them are pretty intense/sad. Others, just bizarre.

I really liked the King of Dragon Pass game. So much reading! This one looks good too.

Thought I’d look into this ProtonMail thing. Might be time to get off the Gmail bandwagon…

This book, Puckoon by Spike Milligan, is one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. Also, there’s something to offend everyone, pretty much. Brilliant. Found it through the Bowie Bookclub.

My Life as a Background Slytherin is a pretty delightful Harry Potter webcomic strip.

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Some Links (Belated Aardvark Edition)

Words, words, words! Water water everywhere, and nary a drop to drink. Etc.

I read THE MAN WHO LOVED CHILDREN (great, alarming book) because of this list. Lot of good stuff here.

TOO LIKE THE LIGHTNING. Definitely on my to read list.

Transrealism. I like the name for a literary movement. We’ll see if it picks up steam.

I no longer have any memory of why I started reading about this South African writer, Wilbur Smith. Thanks, past me?

“The Best Things Found Between Pages of Old Books”

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The General of Ice Cream

The General of Ice Cream had a dilemma. Too many people loved eating ice cream!

“Good god, man!” the general exclaimed. “Ice cream is a finite resource and every day we’re eating it faster!”

“So what?” the people all said. “What do you know? You’re just a general!”

“Fair enough,” the general said, “My years of logistical management in service of optimizing my people killing more people (over ice cream, always over ice cream, that damnably sweet stuff) don’t really qualify me to have educated opinions on much of anything except, well, exactly that.”

“Don’t worry about it!” said all of the actors. “That’s never stopped us before! Having an opinion (or acting like you have one) is fun!”

“Thanks, actors! I owe you one,” the general said.

“Don’t mention it,” said the actors, as they only pretended to eat the ice cream. “It’s hard to say your lines with a mouthful of ice cream,” they whispered. “If you watch us closely, you’ll see that we eat really oddly in movies and television.”

The general tried to get other people to listen to him. Everyone pretended like what he had to say was Really Quite Important, but eventually the general realized it was only an act.

“Oh what’s the use,” the general said, and ate some ice cream–one scoop rocky road, one scoop strawberry.

“Delicious!” the general said.

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Thoughts on 3 Amigos!

When your name is El Guapo, you better be either really handsome or really ugly. 

The “male/mail plane” joke is funnier in the edited for TV version, oddly. 

That really is a nice pocketwatch. 

There’s something about mixing up English with other languages that’s inherently funny (to me). (eg, “three amigos”)


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Granted, There Never Was a Time When That Wasn’t True

(You know I’m talking about ice cream!)

A few commas here, a couple semi-colons there, a dash of quotation marks, and hey–why not?–some parentheses, and Voila! instant story.

What? You want some words in there? No need! Take a look at this beauty:

“”(–);.. ‘ . . .,, ,,, “” “” . , ” () “” !

I rest my case.

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