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I’m attempting an upgrade. Things could get hairy…

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Reading books over RSS Russell Beattie Notebook – Serialized eBooks via RSS

Russell Beattie has setup a (something-or-other) which serializes public domain ebooks as RSS feeds.

I think this is totally great.

You can browse an index of ebooks here:

An index of public domain ebooks.

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it’s the cool place to be…

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“black as is my need… bleeding as is my heart…”

strindberg + helium

it’s just the best thing… i love you, helium!

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fragmentary things

an incomplete manifesto

it’s all about collage, daddio

here’s some stuff to mix that collage up with, cats

my man linnaeus: the library stuff just keeps eating up the world [chomp chomp chomp]

did i wear my specs today?

keep them writerly juicers flowing

who knows what squirrels you may find therein…

it’s all about the libraries and the technogadgets that keep ’em happy

reading ye olde classic fed by daily bits

cool free music aggregation site

pirates, yarrrrrrrrr!

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Google digitizing libraries

This story came out a couple of weeks ago (more? less?), but Confessions of a Mad Librarian provides a great deal more detail.

What Google will provide to the public —

* Works in copyright won’t be fully available

* For copyrighted works — there will be a click-through to the appropriate OCLC WorldCat record

Approximately 10% of Stanford’s overall collection is clearly out of copyright; other material in the public domain (such as U.S. government documents) will be included in the project Google will be responsible for determining what’s in copyright and what’s not if there are any questionable materials and copyright will drive what will be fully displayed There’s no special provision to fully display material in the last 20 years of copyright

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A long online chat with that go-go futurismic guru, Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling unleashed.

Bollywood is actually a wounded cinema in a lot
of ways… it seems to have lost touch with its
traditional audience and its revenues have been
severely disturbed by changes in the means of
distribution. The real key to the glory days of
Bollywood were that cinemas were a place to
get out of the Indian heat, so you could sell
tickets to the air conditioning while presenting
the movie as a kind of billboard.

With better electricity services in India and
home DVD players, Bollywood hit the rocks.
But I enjoy watching its enterprising struggle;
I think it’s got a good chance to become
the first truly post-national cinema, a
form of expression by global emigres
for global emigres.

I really just cannot get enough of this guy. You can check out Bruce Sterling’s regular weblog here.

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Some thoughts on Seattle

Alex Steffan over at Worldchanging writes about my new hometown: Seattle.

He’s got a head on his shoulders, that one. I’m still in the staggering around blindfolded stage of living in a new city. We haven’t even found a good breakfast spot yet!

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A science fiction short story archive

A vasty science fiction short story archive.

I may have linked to this before, once upon a time, but it’s still very impressive.

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whoop, trusty cackling hags and/or trendy (ne’er-do-well!) sphinxii

trust that harbory mackeral to kype the… oh, who’m i fooling.

and to be sure it’s all locked up in a FLASHy gizmo, or i’d point to a specificker one me ownself.

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